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FS1 takes the GOLD!!! For more than 25 years, What Satellite and Digital TV has been the only UK consumer magazine catering for digital TV enthusiasts.

Here is what they had to say about our FS1...
"It's very much a professional tool, designed to speed up the alignment of dishes. Its businesslike nature is reflected by its tough rubberised 'Ruff Neck' yellow jacket, which provides a degree of resistance against accidental impact damage.

12/13/2012 - Added a new page to help you learn about extending the life of your meters battery. Battery FAQ
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First Strike Meters Satellite Dish Alignment Meters

First Strike Meters was founded in 2008 by DMS International when development of the FS1 was launched with the idea of making a affordable satellite signal meter using meter technology instead of the STB (Set Top Box) technology commonly used in the affordable meters on the market.

First Strike true meter technology has several advantages, it has no measurable latency and because there is no delay in signal readings the installer can swing the dish and find the signal much faster.  (Fast Sweep Technology)

True meter technology produces usable and accurate units of measure that can be used for many things like adjusting amplifiers for MDUs or recording measurements for later comparison.

Development of this type of meter is very time consuming but finally in 2009 we started selling our FS1 meter.  Shortly after releasing the FS1 development on the FS2 started.  Two years later the FS2 is nearing completion.

FS1 Digital Satellite MeterThe FS1 became a overnight success.  With success comes the vultures and wannabes that make their business by making cheap copies of products that sell well and fooling the public into believing their product is of the same quality.  What the copiers didn't know was the model they were copying was quickly coming to an end to be replaced with the next generation that has more features and works better, our series 'L' FS1.  The 'K' series FS1 that they tried to copy hasn't been made for several months.

There are 2 very significant improvements that are easily identified.  1) The A. (Azimuth) window has 3 digits and North, South, East, West indicators and 2) the 22KHz setting is now included in the programming of the meter and the meter saves itHave a look at our L-series screen, the differences are easy to recognize.  Beyond the easily noticed changes you will also get, better circuitry for faster, more accurate readings, better screen that is more durable and easier to read in direct sunlight, and better software. 

So have a look at our meters and see if you could use an original First Strike meter at a truly affordable price.