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FS3-D Digital Cable Meter

  • 2.6" color LCD
  • Rugged, compact to meet the demands of field technicians
  • RubberCube™ protection jacket, avoids damage from dropping at any angle
  • Simplified icon-based design shortens training time Simple to use, and cost effective
  • Digital channel power
  • Analog video level, V/A level, Carrier-to-Noise C N Voltage TILT of dual channels
  • DragUpgrade™ implements upgrading by dragging firmware to USB memory storage
  • Measurement of MER, BER

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1 - RubberCube™ protection jacket

2 - LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)
Shows every parameter measured by the selected function.The contrast of the screen adapts to the environment automatically.

3 - Function Keys
Keys F1-F4,function according to the interface being used.

4 - Enter Key
Use to enter menu screen and select channel.

5 - Menu Key
Provides access to all measurement functions.

6 - Number Keys
You can input the channel or frequency with key 0-9.In addition,the key 0 is the shortcut of channel setting in the single channel level measurement.

7 - Power Key
Turns meter on or off.

8 - Speaker
Allows user to listen to audio selected channels.

9 - Battery Charge Socket
After plugging in the battery charging socket,the red charging indicator light will be turned on. If the device is in operation, the power is supplied by the charger and the battery continues to charge.

10 - Charging Indicator Light
Indicates meter battery is being charged.

Available Plans:
Australia, CCIR 5D5, CCIR 6D0, China CATV, India, Japan, OIRT, USA STD, USA HRC, USA IRC
All plans can be edited and new plans can be constructed using our software.

Digital TV

Range: 46MHz 870MHz
Channel power measurement unit: dBµV, dBmV, dBm
Channel power range: 35 dBuV to 120 dBuV
Accuracy: 2.0 dB (10~30 C)
Input impendence: 75Ω (F type connector)
Resolution: 10KHz
Frequency tuner: 50 KHz
Tuning mode: by channels or by frequency
Power measurement type: QAM, QPSK, DOFDM
Demodulation type: ITU-TJ.83-AnnexA/AnnexB/AnnexC
Type: 16/32/64/128/256QAM DVB-C
Symbol Rate: 1.00MS/s ~7.00MS/s
Bandwidth: 1MHz~8MHz
MER measurement range: 19~40dB
BER Pre/post FEC measurement range: 10E-2 to 10E-9

Analog Level Measurment

Range: 25dBuV 120dBuV
Accuracy: 2dB (10~30 C)
Resolution: 0.1dB
Input Impedance: 75ohm
Wave detection: peak value

Channel Type

Analog TV: TV
Digital TV: QAM, QPSK
FM channel: Single Frequency

Carrier/Noise Ratio (C/N)

Input range: 65dBuV (minimum input level)
Measurement range: 30 to 54 dB
Accuracy: 2dB
Resolution: 0.1dB

Trunk Voltage Measurement

Input range: 0-100V AC/DC
Accuracy: 1.5V Resolution
Resolution: 0.1V

Auto Test

Number of channels: 8
Tests: Level or digital channel power

Channel Plans

Number of Channels: 200 channels max
Number of Learned Channel Plan: 17

Basic 8 channel plans are stored, and changeable by user.
max. 8 stored, 8 editable by PC, 1 user defined.

USB Interface

Channel plans can be uploaded or downloaded with PC

Power Supply

Battery: built in Li-ion rechargeable
Battery Specs: 11.1V 1.5AH
Charger: AC 100V-240V/50Hz
Working Time: >=8 hours (full charged battery)
Auto power off: Selectable (10 min, 20 min, 30 min, always on)
Charging Time: 5-10 hrs


Display: 2.6" 320*240 Color LCD
Gross weight: 1.4 kg
Net weight: 0.5kg (with rubber jacket)
Dimensions: 960mm*660mm*1840mm
Package: 220mm*177mm*62mm

Standard Accessories

Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery: 11.1V 1.5AH
F type connector (2PCS)
Rubber jacket
DC adaptor

May not be exactly as pictured. We reserve the right to change the specifications at any time without notice.