Producing quality hand held satellite finder meters since 2004.

When it needs to be done right the first time, First Strike meters are the preferred meters of professional installers. Small enough to easily carry, powerful enough to make installs quick and easy. True RF meters at a cost effective price.

About Us

First Strike Meters is a division of DMS International, the oldest and most trusted supplier of FTA Satellite equipment in North America. DMS International has been supplying electronics to the global market since 1970.

In 2004 DMS International embarked on a new venture making satellite signal finders under the Trimax Meters name. Not just the common signal finders but digital ones that worked very much like the MPEG receivers that installers were familiar with.

There proved to be a big demand for meters that were easy to use and affordable. Installations that took 2 hours or more were cut to 15 minutes. Installers loved it. Now they could easily double the amount of installations they did in a days time.

DMS International, a long known innovator of new satellite products, stepped into the professional meter market with Trimax meters and soon after started producing the First Strike Meters line of professional meters. Unlike the original meters that were basically a satellite receiver in a portable housing, First Strike uses true RF meter technology giving usable and reproducible meter readings.

DMS International / First Strike Meters never looked back and today the First Strike FS1 is our most sold meter and continues to grow.

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First Strike true meter technology has several advantages, it has no measurable latency and because there is no delay in signal readings the installer can swing the dish and find the signal much faster. (Fast Sweep Technology)

Meter is protected by our tough rubberized 'Ruff Neck' jacket, which provides a degree of resistance against accidental impact damage.

True meter technology produces usable and accurate units of measure that can be used for many things like adjusting amplifiers for MDUs or recording measurements for later comparison.